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We have a closer relationship to cycling than you may think - our head office in the alps, we say no more.

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Merci + Cycling

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We have a deep history in alpine sports and our directors have pedalled their way over most the great cols in this sport.

As enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the cycling industry well. We bring innovation, experience and knowledge to your brand to help boost your business.

Automated marketing

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Marketing automation gives you the power to identify your web visitors, send them a personalised response and offer a promotion to your most valued customers. This will enable you to prove your marketing ROI.

This one-to-one marketing, enables relevant contact not constant contact. Understand the life of a customer, follow their timeline of activity and automate responses to deliver a personal offer that is easy to convert in to a sale.

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Quality image and film

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Our Creative team at Merci are second to none and with our internal production teams, art direction and vast experience, we can keep you visually alive with current trends while respecting your brand.

We have been creatively innovating in media creation in the cycle industry for a long time and can build you a strategy on how to engage with your prospective audience.


Storytelling is at the heart of what we do. Our first strategy is to look at how we can get a story out of the brief and enlighten your audience, so they come back for more time and time again.

Emotion makers

Analyse your performance

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Anticipate trends

Tap into our indicators to anticipate trends and current statuses. Our data analysts can help you accompany your offer to position you as a leader of your market.

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Personalised website experience

Our website uses the power of marketing automation, a core service and tool we offer to our clients.

A significant part of this service is dynamic content, a key feature of automated marketing software. Quite simply, we can change the content of our site based on three types of business states; Start-up, Growing and Mature.

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